Garden Meditations

garden meditations

It is this time of year that I suddenly morph into a morning person. As the days begin to allow for daylight in the hours before my children awake, I find myself eager to slip into my most trashed pair of jeans, strap on my rain boots, grab my garden gloves and coffee mug, and head outside to become better acquainted with the dirt (mud!), plants, and creatures that surround the place I call home.

Each morning, I settle into my sacred space outdoors, and I attend to the tasks at hand while I begin my garden meditations:

As I breathe in the fresh morning air,

I feel connected;

Reminding me that I am a part of something so much larger than myself.

As I turn the soil,

I wonder what the sudden disruption of space means for the worms,

the plants,

the air.

As I gently sow the seeds,

I imagine the lifeforms that may have inhabited this space before I,

And I wonder if I am the first to work this land.

As I harvest the vegetables,

I am in awe of the power of the seed, the water, the sun

And I am thankful to our planet and all the gifts it provides.

Earth, I am connected to your beautiful perfections and imperfections;

A gentle reminder that uniformity is not needed in all things;

For it is in variety that we find harmony.

Each breath I take energizes me;

Life is present in every molecule that enters my body.

May this energy flow through my veins and enter back into the earth with every move I make,

With love,

With diligence,

With intention.

Blessed be.

2 Comments on “Garden Meditations

  1. This post made me want to share a poem that I wrote this morning for my Mom, on Mother’s Day.

    A poem to my Mom, From God and me…..

    Thoughts of my Mom with my coffee this morn,
    The lady I’ve loved since the day I was born.

    She was more than my Mom, a buddy to me,
    The best side of me was from her, you see.

    I miss cracking her up and making her smile,
    I miss her hand on my head, when we’d sit for awhile.

    She was my biggest fan and I still miss her so,
    But God told me it was time, when we let her go.

    Funny thing about God, while I fumed at his part,
    He actually left my Mom, right here, in my heart.

    • So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your poem… perhaps I speak for myself, but I bet most moms wish that they could have such beautiful words written as a tribute to them 🙂

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