As part of our faith journey, Unitarian Universalists are called into the deep work of wondering and listening– individually and as a community. Soulwork is the space we make for this deep wondering and listening, so that the way ahead become more clear and so we may act with integrity.

Who am I? Who are we? Who am I called to be in this world? What does justice require of me?

While you may already make space for these questions as part of individual spiritual practices, deep, lasting soulwork happens only in accountable, covenanted communities; we cannot truly grow if we have not done without the reminder that we are all connected–that we are all responsible to another.

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“It takes practice to set aside your own thoughts and emotions. It takes practice to listen deeply not as a prerequisite to response but as a means to connect with diverse and beautiful truths. This practice is sacred. Do it together, do it often.”

Nico Van Ostrand


This proposed 8th Principle has not yet been officially ratified by the UUA, but that does not mean it has no place in your UU home practices.

Nico Van Ostrand


“The ability to avoid talking about race and racism is a huge privilege, and one I encourage families to inspect. I know these conversations are daunting, and I hope that these stories and activities help families begin the long-overdue learning about race and racism.”

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