UU@Home December

Create Family Traditions

How can you cultivate a sense of Unitarian Universalist identity during a season filled with Holidays from other religious traditions?

It’s simple:

Create your own traditions! There are many great ways to incorporate our UU Principles into our existing traditions, as well a variety of celebrations, new and old, that may just speak to your family:

  • Celebrate the return of light (Winter Solstice) by spending a day in awe of the darkest day of the year. Sometimes something as celebrating a nice, quite evening in the midst of the holiday craziness can be the perfect way to get back in touch with your inner calm.
  • Celebrate Chalica! Spend 7 days at the beginning of December celebrating our UU Principles. This new holiday, started in 2007, is finding its way inside the homes of UU families across the US.
  • Make a commitment to consuming less and giving more this Holiday Season.
  • Set a holiday budget and talk about it as a family.
  • Light a Chalice during your celebrations.
  • Make volunteering a part of your annual Holiday celebrations.
  • Turn your New Year’s Day into a time to make a vow to support a local organization or resolve to promote specific UU principles in the New Year.
  • Create a special day devoted to recognizing and learning about many different winter holidays!

How does your family celebrate the Holiday season and lift up your Unitarian Universalist Principles and Values?

Start the discussion and share resources below!

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  1. Manisha
    May 13, 2012 @ 10:20:17

    Yeah, UUs are tricky that way. There’s no UU pope dceereing how each congregation should operate. And I’m sure a fair portion of the identity crisis only seems that way because some congregations say one thing and other congregations say another. But I feel like I should mention that there is the organizational structure of , and there are every year at which collective decisions get made. And some UU congregations and individuals (such as Ron, commenting above) do try to take both sides at once.


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