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Make a UU Resolution!Make a UU Resolution!

With each new year comes a tradition of deep reflection on the past year and imagining how to better your future… or perhaps you are of the camp that feels horribly nauseated by the whole idea of new year’s resolutions and the inevitable monotonous news stories about what Joe Cool said about his resolution on Twitter.

Well, stop rolling your eyes (I’m looking at you, 15 year-old version of myself) and reclaim this annual practice by personalizing it for your grown-up UU self.

Here are some pointers for making simple, attainable New Year’s resolutions (a.k.a. amazing acts of UU faith):


Start by asking a few questions:

  • Are there moments from the past year that made you proud? What were they?

(These can be simple: from good grades in school, to serving on a committee, to keeping your cool when your 16 year-old drove the van into the garage door… it was an accident, ya know)

  • Do these moments reflect UU Principles or values?  Which ones?

(Standing up for a victim of bullying shows that you honor the Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person; and you may have displayed Justice, Equity and Compassion in Human Relations when you didn’t ground said 16 year-old for all of eternity.)

  • What would you like to accomplish in the New Year?

(Keep things simple; commit to lighting a chalice before a family meal, revisit that family covenant that you crafted back in October, or, perhaps, let that teen of yours finish working off the cost of that new garage door with volunteer hours at church)

  • Which Principles and values will be reflected with these actions?

(You’ve got the hang of this by now!  For kids and for those who like to keep things simple, check out the children’s version of the Seven Principles. )

Feeling especially ambitious?

Track your progress by keeping a journal or scrapbook throughout the year; write down moments of note… then note which Principles was put into practice.

What will your UU Resolutions include?  Contribute below!


Looking for ways to turn this month’s @Home into a fun family activity that simultaneously helps to pass the hours of waiting for the ball to drop and helps all ages think about putting our principles into practice in 2011 all at the same time?

Of course you are.

Check out the following activity and watch the time between your normal bedtime and midnight fly by…

1)  Gather some scrap paper, special pens, markers, stickers (especially those My Seven Principles stickers that you have been looking for a way to use), hole punch, and ribbon or yarn.

Step 1b
2)  Have each family member write down a few things that they have accomplished in the past year; one item for each piece of paper. (Be creative; some kids might like to draw pictures or maybe even assemble a collage which represents these events or accomplishments.)

Remember to use both sides of the paper!
That’s right; a lesson within a lesson.  Don’t you love it?

Step 2
3)  After each family member has created a few of these pages, start labeling each item with the principles which were represented. (This is where you’re my Seven Principles stickers come in handy.  If you do not have immediate access to this resource, never fear!  You can easily design your own and print them on blank sticker sheets or on small pieces of paper.  Or you can simply write the principle on each page.)

Step 3
4)  Create a snazzy cover

Step 4
5)  Hole Punch and tie together!
Step 6

Now you have your Principles in Practice Book for 2010 and it is time to tackle the year ahead…

1)  Repeat the steps above, but rather than writing down accomplishments from the past year on each piece of paper, write down what you hope for the New Year.

Step 6
2)  Identify the Principles in Practice,

3)  Create yet another snazzy cover,
Step 5
4)  Hole punch, tie together…

And voilá!

The final result!
Don’t forget to track your progress throughout the year.

(Note to overly ambitious scrapbookers: track progress by adding pictures, newspaper articles and other mementos to mark the completion of any of these hopes throughout the New Year!)

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michanne Hoctor-Thompson
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 01:34:24

    Great ideas! Thank you for sharing them!


  2. Elizabeth Roberts
    Dec 30, 2012 @ 17:38:19

    Thank you for this idea…we were looking for something to do with the stickers for the 7 promises and this book is just the thing. We plan to share it with other families at our church.


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