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Celebrate Democracy

It’s July! And, for those of us who live the States, this means that it is also time to gear up for our Independence Day celebrations. Generally, the Fourth of July Holiday evokes images of grills and fireworks, but I hope that you and your family will also take some time to celebrate Democracy as well!

As Unitarian Universalists, we are charged with working together to make sure that all voices are heard, both in our congregations and in the world. We teach our children that “all people need a voice;” so how can we help them find their voice and encourage them to honor the voices of others?

Here are some simple ways:

  • Lead by example
    • Vote! If you have children in your lives, bring them with you as you cast your vote or simply wear an “I voted” sticker; itProtect Choice sends the message that being an active participant is important.
    • Take action on causes that you care about! Get to know your representatives, write letters or attend rallies and protests for causes that are important. Have your kids take part with you.
    • Talk! Getting your kids involved in conversations about politics can be a really great way to turn a long car ride or a family meal into an empowering and educational experience. Don’t forget to ask your kids what THEY think too.
  • Take advantage of “teachable moments.” 
  • Encourage community involvement. There are many ways to help our children get in touch with the differences that they can make; no matter how young they may be:
    • Help your child get involved with student government.
    • Volunteer; getting involved with an organization shows that when we work together, we can make a big difference!
Looking for more great ideas and resources? Check out some of these pages:
Democracy Photo Challenge
Lesson plans from The Center for Voting and Democracy
Kids Can Make a Difference
Teaching Tolerance 
How will you celebrate Democracy this 4th of July?

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