UU@Home May

Share Your Gifts! As Unitarian Universalists, we are each charged to do our part to make our world a better and brighter place for all. But do we always remember that it is our individual gifts and differences that can make …well…the difference?

This month’s charge is to spend some time recognizing, nurturing and giving thanks for the gifts that we all bring to our world. And don’t forget to share them with pride!

Honor the Gifts of Others:

  • Try taking time each day to recognize the gifts in your life.
  • Share your gratitude during a meal-time chalice lighting
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Share meal-time affirmations with one another for the gifts shared that day.
  • Exchange thank-you cards between each other or make time to write thank-you cards as a family activity for all kinds of gifts; presents included.

Discover Your Own Gifts:

From sharing a musical ability to the gift of listening in love, or even reaching into your pockets to share of your plenty, there are many ways that we can share our gifts with others. Take a moment each day to think about the gifts that you shared… and the gifts you didn’t. What are your gifts?

Nurture Your Gifts:

We’ve all been there: a lengthy to-do list, family drama, stress at work, bills to pay… you need a day off, but who has the time?

You do!

It might seem a little strange to talk about sharing your gifts and self-care at the same time, but in order to fully give you first need to be… full. So take a few extra minutes to breathe, build a block tower with the kids, take that bubble bath, and stop skipping breakfast already! You and your gifts are just that important!

For more great ideas about gratitude and nurturing your gifts:

Finding Time for Spiritual Practice video by Rev. Naomi King

The State of Mind of Thankfulness by Rev. Phil Lund

What are YOUR gifts and how do you find time to nurture them?

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